Meet Our Stallholders

One of the benefits of an Authentic Farmers’ Market is that you get to meet the growers and producers face-to-face. Many people are beginning to be more conscious about what they eat and what they put in their bodies.

Want to know if we use any chemicals in the production of our food? We can tell you! Perhaps you have allergies and need to know what goes into our products? Just ask! Perhaps you’re trying to grow some produce yourself? We can give you some tips and tricks!

We are a wealth of information, and we’re pretty good at what we do! Come on down to the Market and have a chat with us!

Bay Organics
Bay OrganicsPatricia Daniells
Certified organic avocados, avocado-oil and olive-oil as well as dried olive tea-bouquet
Blue River Orchard
Blue River OrchardNicholas Buffy & Topzand Justin
Fresh Blueberries, Fresh Raspberries, Blueberry and Mixed berry icecream, Blueberry Sorbet & Smoothies
C & C Gardens
C & C GardensCooper Bruce & Christine
Specialising in cherry-tomatoes, low acid Romas, Beefsteak and vine-ripened. July to Feb
Denny Clayton
Denny Clayton
Spray-free, growing all-year-round to bio-dynamic principles; Cabbage, Broccoli, Iceberg lettuce ,Radish, Spinach, Carrots,Beetroot,Potatoes Curly Kale and Silverbeet
Devon Olives
Devon OlivesDavid & Heather Fennery
Single cultivar oils include J5, Leccino and Frantoio, infused oils, table olives and dukkah
Far North Olives
Far North OlivesCharlie Pancerzewski
Olive Oil
First Fruits
First FruitsPeter and Lisa Anderson
Seasonal Blueberries and Raspberries
Greg Flutey Breads
Greg Flutey Breads Greg & Debbie Flutey
Artisan breads, ciobattas and stick; focusing on sourdough with unique ingredients like kawakawa, horopito and peru peru potatoe
Ikarus Coffee Roasters
Ikarus Coffee RoastersRob & Carol Schluter
Freshly roasted coffee, espresso and packets
Janet's Fruits
Janet's FruitsJanet Graham
JC Nuts
JC NutsJeff Cleghorn
Our products include dry roasted, salted and unsalted nuts and manuka honey roasted nuts and our delicious macadamia nut butter
Jia Jerry
Jia Jerry
Strawberries and seasonal vegetables
Kraka Fudge
Kraka FudgeKaye Daniels
Selected chocolates and fudges
Lake Tyree Orchards
Lake Tyree OrchardsAlan Budden
Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries
Mahoe Cheese
Mahoe CheeseBob & Anna Rosevear
Award-winning cheeses; Edam, Gouda (also flavoured with garlic or cumin), Mahoe-blue cheese, yoghurt, feta and Farmhouse fresh cheese
M & S Orchards
M & S OrchardsMartin Coates
Growing vegetables all year round specialising in Kumara (red, orange, yellow, Candy), Broccoli, red and cherry tomatoes, Beans (green runner), Cucumber (short green), Watermelon and Rockmelon
Orira Orchards
Orira OrchardsThe Wooster Family
All year round growers of fruit specialising in apples,pears, stonefruit, citrus and subtropicals. We also offer jams and chutneys made from our surplus fruit. At the Paihia market we sell Manuka blend honey made from our own bee hives. Please check out our website
PAK Harvest
PAK HarvestMohammed Arshad
All year round growers of all kinds of vegetables
Puketona Avocado Orchard
Puketona Avocado OrchardBrett King
Avocados – Fuerte, Bacon, Reed, Hass varieties, freshly made Guacamole, Guacamole Wrap, Smashed Avocado on Toast, Avocado Smoothies and Sorbet
PukewhauMarty Robinson
Freshly squeezed orange juice,
Puriri Ridge
Puriri RidgeHelen Robertson
Free-range eggs and selected vegetables
The Strawberry Sheilas
The Strawberry SheilasLesley A Court
Fresh seasonal strawberries, strawberry jam and dessert toppings
Smooth and Juicy
Smooth and JuicyHaidee Field
Delicious smoothies, soups and toasted sandwiches
The Square Foot Gardener
The Square Foot GardenerKen Clark
Selected subtropical plants and trees
Taraire Block Winery
Taraire Block WineryRaewyn Luxton
Wines, Ports
The Thai Farm Shop
The Thai Farm ShopSuchart Sasoongnern
Tree of Life
Tree of LifeConnie and Roger Atkinson
Willowbrook Farm
Willowbrook FarmCarole & Dean Allerby
Growing fresh, quality, capsicum, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumber,
chillies, lettuce, pak choi, watercress, basil, courgette and scallopini in Kerikeri.
Zion Gardens
Zion GardensTony & Linda Henderson
Certified organic fruit and veg, Jams & relishes